2016 is upon us. As we begin a new year, we think of past accomplishments and victories and we look to the future and think of new beginnings, new hopes, and new aspirations.

In 2 Corinthians 3:15, Apostle Paul admonished the church at Corinth to self examination. He exhorted them to take inventory of their spiritual state. It wise man will consistently take inventory of his life to ensure his alignment is with the will and plan of God. It must be more than once a year, on a daily basis, that we examine ourselves and reevaluate our aims and purposes in life. At Calvary Temple, a continual message of spiritual self-examination and honest introspection is taught and preached. But self-examination is only the first step, for there must be a follow-up to our exam results. A New Year’s resolution is of no value if it forever remains a resolution.

Join us at Calvary Temple as we do all we can in 2016 to turn spiritual resolutions into “spiritual practice.” Let God’s spotlight penetrate the darkest recesses of your heart. It can be a new beginning for you.


Rev. James Myers