One thing that I have always shared an admiration for, are museums. Museums house some of the worlds most valuable artifacts. They are home to histories greatest stories. Each item has a story. Each relic has a memory. When I attend any museum, and I am perusing through every aisle like a kid in a toy store; I am captivated by each piece. I find myself trying to remember an old history lesson concerning that certain item, or of course, like everyone else, I just ask siri.

But siri can’t bring back the value that historical piece has. Google cannot replay history for us. They can merely only give us the information, but we cannot live it over again. The artifacts, the statues, the monuments, they all have so much value. They will never move again, they will never be used again. I can remember visiting the Capital in Washington D.C. as a kid, and I remember seeing the American Flag that was flown at the Alamo. The bullet holes, and the weathered look, rips and tears, all significant of that fateful day. That flag will not fly again, but it still holds it’s value.

The church today is not to be treated like a museum. Yes we have memorials that have been laid before us. The elders of the church paved the way, and they will not be forgotten. The church today is not a museum for pristine saints, but a hospital ward for broken sinners! Not all museum artifacts are pristine, neither are all saints. If our church does not have a climate that is conducive for the sinner to come in, what are we doing then? We should be creating an atmosphere that will compel the sinner to come home. We as saints cannot become like a museum statue, and just sit and have people admire us. We must be going after those that are lost. Who are you reaching today? Are you in your class case in your corner of the sanctuary, or are you out in the highways and hedges compelling those to come in. We cannot become complacent. We must reach the lost.

Museums are great, and we have to have them. Memorials are important, and we need more of them. But we must have more churches that are being used as a healing place for the broken, rather than a resting place for the complacent.


Go out and reach your world!