It’s a day to celebrate a mentor, an advisor, counselor, coach, provider, teacher, leader, and entertainer. These many different roles showcase love, sacrifice, wisdom, strength, determination, boldness, and humor. These characteristics all work in harmony to provide stability in a very unstable world. There isn’t anything more stable than a Godly, 5’10”, Popeye forearmed, competitive, Crawford County grown, poetic man who patterns himself after the “Greatest Father.”

“Keep your head down.”

“Aim for the back of the rim.”

“Keep your sense of humor.”

“Don’t hit a snake with a stick.”

“You can get glad as quick as you got mad.”

All things my wise father would use trying to guide me through different life experiences.

Dad, how did you get to be so very wise? Where did these nuggets come from? Was it Grandpa, Uncle Ted, Junior, Coach Bates, James Lumpkin, Bill Thomas? All great male influences in your life who helped shape your character. You have told me many times, “Wisdom comes in the counsel of many.” You have let great men speak into your life and the “Greatest Man” to guide your steps and therefore my steps. I can’t express to you how much I appreciate the direction that you have given my life. Sometimes as a young boy you gave me very bold direction and then as I got older the direction became more careful and measured. Many times we would spend four hours on a Saturday walking the freshly mowed fairways. I always wanted to beat you at the game that you introduced to me when the clubs were bigger than I was. We had many great father and son times being competitive, but mainly just enjoying being together, laughing, learning and letting me enjoy the fruits of winning (really, you probably let me win so you didn’t have to drive the Dodge on the way home). I learned a lot about integrity from you on the golf course that would later serve me well in a sudden death match. I learned to conduct myself in a manner that you would be proud of because that was how you acted.

The most important lessons I learned from you were during the many different times of ministry. You tirelessly worked to help people and families through difficult times of tragedy and celebrated with them during happy times of weddings and babies being born. I learned that true ministry is putting others first. Your compassion, strength and courage is amazing and I was always in awe of how much love you extended to those in need. The teaching never stops and I don’t want it to. Recently, as you helped me out of another pinch as I usually get into, you reminded me to always be there for Jentry and Jackson even when they get older and have their own families. You have always been there for me even when it is tough.

You’re a true example of Psalms 103:13,

“Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.”

I’m a blessed son to have a Father like you. I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished, and I feel honored to have the family heritage that I have. I celebrate you on this Father’s Day because of the amazing father and grandfather that you are. Your influence has touched my life and many others. And because I know you’re very humble and you don’t like people heaping praise on you, I will leave you with one lasting quote that I heard many times growing up. “Be tough, don’t cry, suck it up!”

I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day! You’re the best!

Jameson Myers is the son of Rev. James Myers and is happily married to Kristen. They are the proud parents of two rapidly growing children who keep them on the go.