I was on my way to an area I was unfamiliar with, and I was using the GPS on my phone in order to find the way to my destination. The GPS is an piece of amazing technology. All you have to do is type in the address of your desired destination, and it will map out a route to that location for you.

God is a lot like this GPS for our Christian walk. Except that He is the only one that knows our true destination on this earth, and if we want to bring glory to God in all the things that we say and do, then we must trust God to put in the destination for us, and then allow him to create the map to that destination. When on my trip, there were a few times that I got a little confused on what road to take. If I missed the road the GPS was quick to reroute my trip, and then guide me to the road that would put my back on track to make it to where I needed to go. God is the same way. If we begin to stray from the path that He has laid out for us, then He will let us know that we need to get back on track.

Sometimes the directions come from the word of God. Sometimes the reroute comes from a family member or a friend. What we have to realize is that God is trying to get our attention to get back on the desired path. There are times, though, if we have the music too loud in our car that we will not hear the GPS trying to redirect our path. It is the same way with God. If we have the music too load or allow the things of this world to dominate our thought process, we will run the risk of not hearing God when He is telling us to redirect our path. It is also important to note that there are times where God will take you down a path that is “less travelled.” This will not be the interstate. It could be the back roads of life. When you come into these areas it is vital that you stick closer to God then you ever have. Keep your eyes on the road; don’t be looking around at everyone else. Because if you do, you increase your chances of crashing. This is when wounds are created. This is where scars are made. This is where people can die. God will protect, strengthen, and encourage us. We must learn to trust on him in our trials and in our triumphs. Today make sure that you have your music turned down. Perk up your ears so that if God begins to speak you will hear the words He speaks.